About Us

we work hard to

satisfy our clients

Movers2U is a customer-oriented company that makes an emphasis on courtesy and respect. It was designed with the main aim to help you go through the moving process with easy feelings and remember this time as a pleasant adventure in your life.

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    our mission

    We aim at making your move the most convenient and stress-free experience. We offer affordable prices so that you could afford to take care of your valuables. Every customer is treated with personalized attention to find moving services that he needs.

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    our HISTORY

    With more than 20 years of experience, Movers2U is one of the most respected and reliable moving companies in the USA. We've provided more than three thousand of Americans with professional relocation and storage services. Whether you need local movers or international movers, you will hardly find a more talented or dedicated company.

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    We consider your moving not just a part of the business but as an important period in your life which shouldn't be ruined by small misfortunes, or other stressful situations that may arise. Let us handle the business professionally thanks to all the experience and facilities we have. Enjoy the moment with no worries.

  • More than 340 locations nationwide

  • We helped thousands of Americans to move safely

  • Award-winning teamwork

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