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Movers2U is equipped and experienced to handle any long distance moves. Whether you're planning your first move, or haven't moved for many years, a long-distance relocation can be an exciting and sometimes stressful experience. You've probably already realized that there's so much to do and so little time.
There are personal considerations, family ties, old friendships, and for many of us, what to do about the children's schooling. At the same time, though, your move is most likely associated with an opportunity:

  • A promotion
  • Perhaps a new company
  • The chance to assume greater responsibility
  • A new locale with a brand new lifestyle.

If you happen to be a novice mover, there are probably many questions that you need to be answered. Even the most experienced transferees have questions, as an ever-changing way of life poses moving problems that didn't exist years ago.

We want to help you plan your move properly to make your relocation as exciting, rewarding, and stress-free as possible. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, you'll find us to be knowledgeable and experienced. Since no two moves are exactly the same, because no two families have exactly the same moving needs just as no two families have exactly the same furniture. Therefore, if you have any specific questions not covered here, our moving counselors will be happy to provide you with answers, without cost or obligation. There are no moving questions or problems that we haven't tackled before in our many years of handling long distance. relocations.

Movers2u Incorporated has pledged to provide prompt, full coverage of all your moving needs with available storage and trustworthy relocating of your most prized possessions.

*All moves include:

  • Transportation
  • Loading and unloading
  • Disassembly and assembly of furniture
  • Fuel and mileage
  • A fully blanket wrap for your furniture
  • 30 days of free storage